Health & social care management coaching & mentoring

Having a wealth of experience in the health and social care sector and management of a wide range of different types of care establishments, including Nursing and Residential Care Homes, Domiciliary Care, Extra Care, Supported Living, Floating, Day Services and having worked across voluntary, NHS and private sectors we can offer our support to all.

Registered Managers are increasingly hard to find these days, let alone good ones, therefore it makes commercial sense to develop and maximise the potential and performance of the resources you already have, when you have fully considered the full and true financial cost you will have already made in the individual or individuals.

Coaching and mentoring can be done individually or in a group setting and is a great way of having fully tailored professional interventions for individuals within your organisation’s needs.

So do you need support:

  • As senior management or owners by having a coach or mentor to support reviewing, performance management or growth of the business.
  • Developing new or existing Registered Managers in ensuring they meet key business objectives.
  • Developing of new or existing other key staff within your organisation including quality, financial or Human Resource individuals or teams.
  • If you are struggling with under performance of Registered or other managers, then let us help in developing action plans and interventions to address identified issues.