Business Coaching

DES Training and Consultancy – Business coaching

Is your business struggling, financially struggling, under performing, wanting to grow? If the answer is yes then you need a business coach for yourself or members of the team.

A business coach is someone who can provide an overview of what you are doing; give advice and support to improve your business performance. A business coach will look if required at all aspects of your business, not just concentrating on the financial, but also sales, marketing, quality, people management and leadership approaches.

We will come in and give you uninterrupted, focused support with various tools and approaches that will be provided to help and support you to grow and develop your business.


Why not contact us to see what we can do to coach you to greater success?

Action Learning sets are a great way of problem solving within teams; support will be provided to work with key personnel in development of problem solving in a structured, controlled environment.